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There are various ways you can help the poor and marginalised communities to realise their full potential. 

 Work With Us

Looking for a employment opportunity with Support Nepal? Our tested and innovative projects help the poor and marginalised utilise their potentials.


Find an open position that suits your career goals. 

Currently, there is no opening.

Please keep visiting the page and follow us in social media for update and opportunities..

Volunteer With Us

Partner With Us

Voluntarism is at the heart of what we do in Support Nepal. Our volunteers play vital roles in our work ranging from organising events, supporting policy briefs and raising funds for the campaigns. In return, you make friends, harness your soft and hard skills, and help the marginalised communities live a better life. 


Get in touch with us to find a suitable arrangement for you. 

Helping the poor and marginalised communities require collective, contextual, and sustained endeavours to minimise the vulnerability often created and prolonged by traditional interaction between individuals and socio-political orders.


Support Nepal partners with a diverse range of agencies to understand and address the vulnerabilities, through a deliberative engagement with communities, their representatives, and public institutions so that solutions last beyond external input. 

Get in touch with us to discuss how our partnership can help the poor and marginalised ensure a better and decent life.

Get In Touch

Contact Us

Kathmandu Liaison Office:

PO Box 26431, Min Bhawan

Kathmandu Metropolitan, Bagmati Province, Nepal

Phone: (977) 1- 4621 080

Madhesh Province Office:

Ramananda Chowk, Janakpurdham Submetropolitan, Madhesh Province

Phone: (977) 41- 527 204


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