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Support Nepal


Support Nepal (SNP) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation working strategically to address the injustice and inequality being faced by poor and marginalised groups since 1996. Development of training, networking, models of effective development practice, research and influencing policy have been the focus of our work. The increasing focus of SNP has been on providing support to communities and to develop processes that promote the inclusion of the poor and marginalised groups.


We value and strive to always stand for justice and dignity for all.



A pluralist social and political order with respect and opportunity for all to realize their potentials to the fullest.



We are guided by a set of core values to build creative and trusting relationships with partners and to meet programme standards which:

  • give priority to the needs and interests of the people we serve;

  • encourage self-reliance and avoid creating dependency;

  • are based on the authentic participation of people in programs that affect their lives;

  • respect and foster human rights, both socio-economic and civil-political;

  • seek to enhance gender equity and social inclusion; and

  • understand and respect the history and culture of the people we serve.


  1. To establish as a resource organization for information, coordination and dialogue on policy and practice in the Nepalese NGO sector on equitable development and social justice.

    • To provide quality advice and information services to stakeholders.

    • To promote dialogue within the NGO sector and between state and non-state actors on strategic issues related to equity, inclusion and justice. 

  2. To innovate and institute locally-owned practices of equitable and inclusive growth and sustainable development with a focus on poor and marginalised groups in Nepal.

    • To raise public consensus and advocate the benefit of inclusive social and economic change.

    • To increase participation and capacity of poor and marginalised groups to influence and benefit from public decision-making process.

    • To increase the opportunities for poor and marginalised groups in the social (and cultural) and economic (including migration) policies, programmes and strategies, to recognise their role as a partner in the progress. 

  3. To promote development of process and practice of appropriate measures reducing the adverse impact of disaster and climate change on poor and marginalised groups.

    • To join initiative in seeking solution to the challenges and threats to poor and marginalised groups.

    • To ensure that poor and marginalised groups and concerned stakeholders, including local communities, have adequate access to disaster and climate change information and resources to empower them to undertake appropriate action.

Network Partners:

  • Beyond Beijing Committee (BBC Nepal)

  • Collective Campaign for Peace (COCAP)

  • Community Climate Change Network

  • Human Rights Treaty Monitoring Coordination Center (HRTMCC)

  • NGO Federation of Nepal

  • National Election Observation Committee (NEOC)

  • SDG Forum Nepal

  • Civil Peace Service (BMZ/Germany) member of national consortium of NGOs group

Funding Partners:



Executive Board:

  • Roshana Khadka (Executive Chair)

  • Sunil Mallik (Vice- Chair)

  • Binju Shrestha (General Secretary)

  • Richa Singh Danuwar (Secretary)

  • Sarshawoti Sherpa (Treasurer)

  • Ganga Sah (Executive Member)

  • Sadhana Mishra (Executive Member)

Management & Programme:

  • Roshana Khadka (Executive Chair)

  • Sushila Regmi Adhikari (Programme Manager)

  • Prakash Thakur (Programme Coordinator)

  • Pankaj Kayastha (Programme Coordinator)

  • Trilok Mandal (Programme Coordinator)

  • Ujawal Narayan Yadav (Project Officer)

  • Anil Sah (GESI/MERL Officer)

  • Sanju Bohara (Admin/Finance Officer)

  • BN Chaudhary (Admin/Finance Officer)

  • Pappu Kumar Mishra (Field Supervisor)

  • Isha Raut Yadav (Field Supervisor)

  • Aashish Danuwar (Field Supervisor)

  • Bachhan Singh (Field Supervisor)

  • Aarati Thakur (Field Supervisor)

  • Kiran Sah (Field Supervisor)

  • Maiya Parajuli Yadav (Office Assistant)

  • Kanchhi Tamang (Office Assistant)

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Helping the vulnerable communities live a decent life.

Contact Us

Kathmandu Liaison Office:

PO Box 26431, Min Bhawan

Kathmandu Metropolitan, Bagmati Province, Nepal

Phone: (977) 1- 4621 080

Madhesh Province Office:

Ramananda Chowk, Janakpurdham Submetropolitan, Madhesh Province

Phone: (977) 41- 527 204


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