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Our Resources_ Participants of Intl Symposium, 2012




2019 Advocacy for Minority Rights in Nepalese Federalism_ A Guide for Local NGOs
2016_ Minority Rights and Advocacy Skills
2017_ Despite Good Intentions_A Reflection on Minority Rights in Nepal
2012_Summarized Report of International Symposium on Ethnicity & Federalization
2012_Minority Rights Protection in Federal System
2011_State Restructuring & Minority Groups
2010_ Nepalese Minority Groups; Struggle for Identity & Representation
2012_ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Minority Rights
2009_Minority Rights and Advocacy Skills
2012_ National Census 2011 Citizen Observation Report
2012_ State Restructuring for All
2010_Issue of Minorities in New Nepali Constitution
2009_Mainstreaming Gender Equality & Social Inclusion in Development Project
2008_Child Friendly Teaching  in Post Conflict Setting
2008_Hamaro Sunu
2007_The Women of Terai in Peace Process; Action Plan
2007_Issues of Madhesh
Act Now Mobile Health Camp (Kshireshwornath_ Dhanusha, 2020)


Helping the vulnerable communities live a decent life.

Contact Us

Kathmandu Liaison Office:

PO Box 26431, Min Bhawan

Kathmandu Metropolitan, Bagmati Province, Nepal

Phone: (977) 1- 4621 080

Madhesh Province Office:

Ramananda Chowk, Janakpurdham Submetropolitan, Madhesh Province

Phone: (977) 41- 527 204


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