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Multi-dimensionally poor


Overall loss in HDI due to inequality



About Support Nepal

Support Nepal (SNP) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation working strategically to address the injustice and inequality being faced by poor and marginalised groups since 1996. Development of training, networking, models of effective development practice, research and influencing policy have been the focus of our work. The increasing focus of SNP has been on providing support to communities and to develop processes that promote the inclusion of the poor and marginalised groups.


About Our Work

Support Nepal works strategically to address the injustice and inequality poor and marginalised groups face in their daily lives. To do so, our focus is to address the causes of poverty, exclusion and marginalisation at home, community, and society at large so that solutions are locally-owned and can last.

We adopt three-fold programmatic concentrations which are embedded in our overall vision of the organisation- justice and dignity for all- in particular the poor and marginalised communities:

1. Inclusive services and institutions;

2. Human dignity and justice; and

3. Disaster & crisis management.

Bara Storm Act Now About

How You Can Help

There are various ways you can help the poor and marginalised communities to minimise their vulnerabilities and realise their full potential. 

Contact Us

Kathmandu Liaison Office:

PO Box 26431, Min Bhawan

Kathmandu Metropolitan, Bagmati Province, Nepal

Phone: (977) 1- 4621 080

Madhesh Province Office:

Ramananda Chowk, Janakpurdham Submetropolitan, Madhesh Province

Phone: (977) 41- 527 204


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